Getting Around Nashville

The Music City Star is Nashville's regional rail line, and its Nashville stop is roughly a mile and a half from Music Row at Nashville Riverfront Station. This commuter rail service runs from downtown Nashville approximately 30 miles out to Lebanon, Tennessee. Several other lines are currently planned or under construction. From the Riverfront Station stop, a number of bus connections to other destinations around the downtown area are available.

The Metropolitan Transit Authority runs Nashville's bus system. Bus service is extensive throughout the city, and a number of buses run near Music Row. Nashville also has a well-developed park and ride system in which free parking is provided at a number of locations throughout the metropolitan area. Visitors can then leave their cars elsewhere and take the bus in to Music Row. Gray Line Nashville also runs several charter and regular tours that pass near the area.

The Music City Circuit is a free service than runs buses and vans on three different routes through downtown Nashville and Music Row. Because of its cost and convenience, this is one of the best ways to get around the downtown area. Another advantage of the Music City Circuit for visitors is that it stops at a number of landmark locations. All buses and vans are wheelchair accessible.

The Music City Trolley Hop is a hop-on hop-off trolley that runs through the downtown area and includes a guided tour. It goes near Music Row and other places of interest. The entire journey and tour takes about one hour and has seven stops along the way.

Taxis are plentiful throughout Nashville and can be hailed on the street near Music Row as well as booked in advance. Alternatives to taxis such as limousines and town cars are available as well.

The MTA encourages cycling throughout the Nashville area by permitting bicycles on buses. It's possible to travel partly by bus and partly by cycle in this way, and downtown Nashville and the Music Row area are all good areas for cyclists.

Private or rental cars are another option for transportation in the area. Because Music Row is a pleasant historic district and good for pedestrians, visitors may want to find a parking garage for the car and see the neighborhood on foot. Car rental agencies are located near the neighborhood as well.